Hegins, PA
“Hi there, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the lovely article you wrote around your recipe for slow cooker apple butter. The Blazer Orchards (in photo) was owned by my grandparents and I have so many wonderful memories there. It took me back in time to my amazing childhood and I sincerely appreciate you sharing your memory of it in such a nice light! Thank you!”
Passaic, NJ
“I LOVE these recipes. Like when I was a kid. Great food that doesn’t call for a million things or break the bank. THANK YOU.”

“I very much enjoy your page, website. And posts. My mother and father’s families are from Shamokin (Pa.), even though i was not raised there. It is still the family home. Plus. I learned about the regional dishes and the area in general.”
York Haven, PA

“A Coalcracker in the Kitchen is my favorite Facebook page. Not only for the old school recipes that remind me of the food my mother made for us, but for the wonderful carefully written memories that accompany them. The combination of the comfort food that I grew up with that is particular to our region and the vignettes of simpler times is a powerful attraction. I look forward to someday having the recipes and stories in book form. This page always fills me with good positive thoughts and nostalgia for better times. It reminds me of my mother and delicious family meals that she worked hard to prepare. I wish she was still here to read A Coalcracker in the Kitchen, she’d feel right at home.”
Mike Heffner
Muncy, PA

“I was thrilled to find this site as I’m a coalcracker by birth. My mom’s entire side of the family is from Schuylkill County and I’ve traced our ancestors from there back to the Revolutionary War. It’s hard to find good recipes from the region so this site has been great! It has brought back so many great memories of my grandparents who lived in Frackville.
The red beet eggs recipe reminded me of Easter and I was glad to have it to make. Some of the recipes were for things I had long forgotten about but will now be able to make. Living away like I do, this site makes me feel closer to home. Thank you for this great site!”
Caroline Hammontree Bates
Satsuma, AL

“Lori, you are a shining star in my universe. From the very first recipe of yours that somehow landed on my iPad, to your new venture, I was hooked. When I read some recipes and notes on them, I wonder if you had a time machine and went back and landed in my childhood home. The recipes are the very same recipes mom cooked. The stories could have been my stories. I was born and raised in William Penn, a little coal patch nestled between two coal mines, minutes outside of Shenandoah, in Schuylkill County. I remember as a child visiting my grandfather and sitting at the table with him and eating mashed potatoes covered with sour milk from a crock and rye bread. Then when I saw you even had the recipe for Lokshe, I knew without a doubt, you were the real deal. Anyway, love, love, love your efforts. You’re the best. Thank you. PS. As if that isn’t enough, you love dogs. How could you not be wonderful?”
Judith V.
Catawissa, PA

“I found the site due to someone sharing it. I did make the pierogi casserole. The recipes bring back so many memories of my Mother and my aunts cooking. They never had recipes!! They just made the dishes we loved!! Now with your assistance I will have recipes!! That is a treasure to me. Your site is a blessing bringing back treasured memories and smiles of a child watching these dishes being made. Thank you so very much!!”
Paula T.
Hazleton PA

“Hello! I just want to say how very much I enjoy your newsletter. I grew up in Hellertown, PA (next to Bethlehem) We are of Hungarian and Polish descent. Your recipes bring back many memories. I live in Florida now. I have cooked a few of your recipes and they are very authentic. I was really distressed when your website went down for updating, but I think your new site is great. Keep up the great work!”