Matroysha Hanging Towel and Potholder SET


The Coalcracker Collection
Matroyshka Hanging Kitchen Towel and Potholder SET
Includes hanging towel and separate appliqued potholder

Handcrafted in my own studio.
Terry cloth towel, poly-filled potholder top WITH separate appliqued potholder.
Decorated with a matroyshka printed cotton fabric* stripe across the bottom front.of the towel and a separate potholder with a matroyshka applique.  Not sold separately.
Button closure on the decorative hanging tab.
Display on your oven door or kitchen cabinet handle.
*This fabric is no longer printed by the manufacturer; there is no way of knowing if or when I can obtain any more, so buy now if interested!


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A word about COVID-19 and my online shop:

As we all join together in doing our part to protect loved ones and ourselves in this current pandemic I want to help provide peace of mind to you regarding how we are handling the COVID-19 response in the Coalcracker Kitchen, studio, and home for online shopping from my store:

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