Bituminous Byways Kilt Pin


The Coalcracker Collection
Bituminous Byways Kilt Pin
An ode to Southwestern PA’s culture and bituminous coal miners

Unique kilt pin to dress up clothing, bags, accessories.
3″ long kilt pin, silver-toned
Created in my own studio, each piece is assembled by hand and features my own original design.
This Collector Pin features a Southwestern PA cultured theme.
Steam Lokie charm
Pierogi charm
Football player charm
Pennsylvania shaped charm
Pick and shovel charm”
Black glass bead dangle
A great gift for any holiday or occasion, or to just lift your spirits.
Carded and ready for giving.

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A word about COVID-19 and my online shop:

As we all join together in doing our part to protect loved ones and ourselves in this current pandemic I want to help provide peace of mind to you regarding how we are handling the COVID-19 response in the Coalcracker Kitchen, studio, and home for online shopping from my store:

#1: EVERY item for sale in the shop and all the supplies used to create them were introduced to stock well BEFORE COVID-19 was discovered. Once created, items were stored in plastic containers in a pet-free zone.

#2: My studio and home are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly on a regular basis; my husband and I are high-risk during normal cold and flu season, so we take no chances.

#3: I do all my own packing and creating with no outside help. I ship using Paypal labels and deposit packages into a USPS postal box with no need for postal window service.

#4: Our home, ourselves, and my studio are all COVID-19 free work zones and our lives literally depend on it remaining that way. In other words, we are as careful as humanly possible.

We Coalcrackers are a tough lot; hang in there my friends!

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