How You SHARE Matters

Many people believe writing and maintaining a blog is a no-brainer. They think it’s something you do in your “spare time”. That you take a few minutes in the evening, sitting with your feet up, and “jot down” what’s on your mind then hit “publish”. Well, it’s not.

For many of us it is a job; basically a full-time job — it certainly is for me. It is also a business. It is labor, and concerted effort, and focused care in order to build my brand. It is a part of my future plans and I put my heart and soul into it.

I costs me hundreds of dollars a year to maintain my blog; a blog that provides all its content free to visitors. Costs include domain name fees, hosting fees, office expenses, and an SSL certificate and dedicated IP to insure shoppers to my on-line store are provided with a safe and secure shopping experience.

You’re probably familiar with the adage regarding real estate: “Location. Location. Location” Well, for a blog to be successful, it’s “Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.”

I count on traffic to my blog to help me earn revenue from advertising, merchandise sales through my shop, and through affiliate programs. Without that revenue to offset costs, my blog would shut down.

That’s why WHAT you share and HOW you share it matters.

With increasing frequency, particularly in groups on Facebook, I find someone has copied and pasted my entire recipe, post or copyrighted content rather than link to it as is accepted sharing protocol.

This means that every member of that Facebook group now has access to my material without having to come to my site to get it (remember the importance of traffic, traffic, traffic?) Then countless more people will share that information from the group page, again, not visiting my blog to obtain it.

That loss of traffic to my blog (and any professional blogger’s) means potential missed revenue from ads. It means I cannot collect information that analyzes the popularity of a post which is important to me in a multitude of ways, including the ability to gear my content to what visitors want. It means my own, woman-owned, small business, Coal Region themed shop may be missing out on sales. (And it means there are likely copyright violations involved which, at a minimum, can get a violators account shut down on several platforms.)

A little R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Everyone deserves to be compensated for their work through their job or business, myself included. How would you feel if you spent hours researching, writing, and promoting your work only to have it given away or receive no compensation for it?

The entire premise of the A Coalcracker In The Kitchen blog is to share my recipes and nostalgia with fellow “coalcrackers” who seek to connect to their northeastern Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal Region roots, so sharing my posts is highly encouraged — but please share them the proper way.

  • If publishing or referencing a recipe from my blog on another website, you may copy/paste the list of ingredients only. Link back to the URL of the post for the directions (as in “Get directions here”).
  • On social media, share only the LINK to my post or page.

You will also find instructions for how to share in this pink block on every recipe post.