Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding this website and the information and recipes contained within. Click on the “+” to open an individual FAQ for reading.

When categorizing a recipe as “6 Ingredients or Less”, I do not count salt, pepper, or water as a separate ingredient.
The recipes on this site are friendly to cooks with beginning and moderate cooking and baking skills. Easy denotes recipes that are friendly to cooks with knowledge of basic cooking techniques and knife skills. Intermediate denotes recipes that require a knowledge of cooking and knife skills above what would be considered “beginner”. For example: a recipe will be considered “intermediate” if it involves working with yeast, making pastry (pie crust, etc.), extensive chopping or preparation of ingredients by hand or knife, etc. Advanced denotes recipe preparation requires knowledge of advanced cooking techniques and is suitable for cooks with these skills.
Few recipes will include preparation time; some do provide cook time if it is clear in the recipe (for instance, a cake that bakes for 35 minutes). Due to the nature of many of these recipes being hand-written in my files, most without preparation time noted, I would have to make each one up and track the timing in each of the steps involved in every recipe. Perhaps I can accomplish that in the future, but for now, the recipes will normally not display this information.
Due to the age and fact that many are handwritten recipes, nutritional information is normally not provided with recipes posted here at this time.

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