Cook Along With A Coalcracker In The Kitchen

cook along with coalcracker

You all know by now, I love Coal region comfort foods, and judging by my ever growing number of followers on Facebook and my blog here, many others do, too.

Be it for ex-pats or those still living in The Anthracite Coal Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania, many dishes immediately bring back precious memories of times past; Sundays gathered at Grandma’s house, polkas playing on the radio, or dishes you ate as a child (maybe even still do) but now have to get them at a diner or block party because the recipe was lost forever when the cook in your family who made “the best” passed away.

We all should enjoy good food and I want you to be able to bring those precious memories of favorite Coal Region comfort foods to your own table.

These “cook alongs” will give you the confidence and know-how to turn out dishes you will be proud of; dishes that will turn you into the person in the family that makes “the best”!

The “cook along” series will feature foods that are not complicated in ingredients or in technique. Cooks will find that these “cook alongs” are helpful for both beginners to cooking and experienced cooks unfamiliar with a particular recipe.

I am pleased to present this on-going series of “cook along” articles with recipes focused on helping you prepare classic Coal Region Comfort Food in your kitchen.

Cook Along With A Coalcracker In The Kitchen

  • Cook Along #1: Wet-bottom Shoo Fly Pie :
    Sweet molasses and crumb layered pie long associated with traditional Pennsylvania Dutch comfort food. This one is my favorite go-to recipe among dozens in my collection.