Coal Region Summertime Favs

It's time to welcome summer in Coal Region style. Cookouts, block parties, summer church fairs, and a trip to the Coal Region's famous family entertainment spot Knoebel's Amusement Resort are on everyone's mind. This year with the efforts to protect ALL OF US from succumbing to the ravages of Covid 19, our gatherings and outings might change in their physical perspective, but you can make the best of things by enjoying foods that evoke favorite memories.

These recipes will help you do just that!

This issue is dedicated to my brother-in-law (my husband's brother), John Francis Fogg, who passed away from COVID 19 the first week of May in Massachusetts. I knew John followed my blog through conversations my husband had with him during which John would mention that he made a recipe of mine. What I did not know until his wife told us is that he followed the blog closely and it appears he was a big fan. I never got to thank him for that, and I did not get to say, "I love you." before he was gone in an instant. No chance to grieve with family and friends due to distancing, so it has been rough for us like it has been for so, so many. John was a bear of a man, tough as nails, yet probably would have done anything I asked of him. His weakness was that he could not stand to see me cry. I'm sorry John, but the tears keep flowing. You will be missed.

Homemade Teaberry Ice Cream

Teaberry ice cream; it's a Pennsylvania thing My absolute favorite flavor of ice cream when I was a kid was Teaberry. My absolute favorite flavor of ice cream five decades later is...Teaberry. Some things never change and that's a good thing! Say "teaberry" and in my mind, I am at Heisler's Dairy Bar in the picturesque Schuylkill County farmland of …
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homemade teaberry ice cream

Super Quick and Easy Coal Region Bean Soup

Bean soup is a staple in the coal region at block parties, church picnics, and holiday celebrations. But soaking dried beans, simmering them, and cooking down a ham end or hock can be time consuming and means making a long simmered bean soup takes planning. The best traditional bean soup here in Schuylkill County often includes a huge black iron …
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Super Quick and Easy Coal Region Bean Soup

Amish Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salad recipes are as diverse as the cooks that create it. The "best" is the one you like best. What usually makes macaroni salad and potato salad "Amish" is the addition of prepared yellow mustard to the recipe, like this one. This recipe has become my "go-to" after decades of trying different recipes, styles, and ingredients. This macaroni salad …
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amish macaroni salad

Pennsylvania Dutch Baked Butter Beans

I am a huge fan of beans and remember eating butter beans as far back as my memory will go. So, it is no wonder this recipe quickly became a favorite of mine. What makes it different than typical baked bean dishes is that it uses condensed tomato soup rather than tomato sauce or ketchup in the sauce. This recipe …
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Pennsylvania Dutch Baked Butter Beans

Coal Region Bleenies

Bleenies (not blinis...BLEENIES!!) Potato pancakes (a.k.a. latkes or whatever you know them as...) in the Schuylkill County area of the Coal Region are known as bleenies and waiting lines for them at church picnics and block parties are legendary. Every cook has "their" way to make them, but the basic steps pretty much follow the same pattern. Here is a …
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Coal Region Barbecue

Often identified in general as "sloppy Joe's", to the residents of parts of The Coal Region -- Schuylkill County in particular -- this is "barbecue"; not something smoked over wood or a smoking/cooking technique. Here, "barbecue" refers to a sandwich consisting of chopped meat (frequently ground beef) simmered in a sauce then served on a burger bun. In Schuylkill County …
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Coal Region barbecue

Sauerkraut Salad

During cook-out season here in the Coal Region, the requisite potato and macaroni salads show up. As much as I am  fan of both of those, I like to "shake things up a bit" and add something to the mix that is a bit unexpected. My favorite for warm weather gatherings is Sauerkraut Salad. Embracing the Anthracite Coal Region blending of …
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Sauerkraut Salad

CMP Dessert

My Mom's absolute favorite ice cream treat was what is known as a "CMP" here in the Coal Region and surrounding areas -- a popular ice cream sundae consisting of a scoop of vanilla (some people prefer chocolate) ice cream topped with "C" - Chocolate syrup, "M" - Marshmallow sauce, and "P" - Peanuts. Some ice cream producers even make …
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cmp dessert

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