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Talking Cabbage With SEEDS

I am excited and honored to have been requested to join SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support) on “Today’s Main Ingredient” podcast discussing cabbage! (Sept 18 2021 edition). Head on over to PodBean and give it a listen! Mike sure to also check out the “extras” feature!

“Host Mikki Uzupes chats crunchy cabbage with organic farmer Greg Swartz of Willow Wisp Organic Farm in Damascus PA, and foodie Lori Fogg who writes the Pennsylvania-based food blog A Coal Cracker in the Kitchen. Nutritionist Carol Kneier shares the surprising health benefits of eating cabbage.” Listen on PodBean now!

My love of cabbage developed at an early age; I think it was my embracing my German/PA Dutch roots that may have led to it, but the fact my Mom and Nana served many dishes that included or featured cabbage could also be a major contributing factor!

Cabbage is an inexpensive ingredient and is loaded with nutritional value. You’ll find many ideas for using cabbage here on my blog with recipes for both cold and hot dishes.