pickle ornament

Coal Region Touches For Your Christmas Tree

Everyone loves giving their Christmas tree a personal touch. Like many of you, I add to my ornament collection through the years and love finding ornaments that I feel immediate connections to.

Although every family will connect to different themes and styles than other families may, there are some fun ornaments I have found online that “speak” to me as a “Coalcracker”, a child growing up in coal country in the 60’s and 70’s, or my love of “PA”. Perhaps some of them will find their way onto your tree and into your collection for years to come.

These ornaments are available from Amazon and you can get them delivered right to your door!

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pickle ornament

The Christmas Pickle

Although not specific to the Coal Region, some families – mine included – have a tradition of hanging a pickle ornament deep in the tree, with the first person/child to find it on Christmas morning getting an extra present.

A long-existing story is it that the tradition started in Germany — but most likely it did not. Ask folks from Germany about “the pickle” and they are perplexed although, believe it or not, some stores in Germany now actually carry the pickle ornaments!

The myth likely came about because the 1880’s Woolworth stores started selling glass ornaments imported from Germany and some were in the shape of various fruit and vegetables and pickles likely were among them.

Whatever the story, behind the Christmas pickle, the tradition is fun, kind of charming, and holds a special place among my family memories

The Christmas Pickle Poem

To start a tradition that will surely last,
Here’s the story about the pickle of glass.
The night before Christmas, it’s hung on the tree
While everyone’s sleeping, it’s done secretly.

And on Christmas morning, when you arise,
The first one to find it will get a surprise!
A family tradition for all to share,
You’ll look for the pickle year after year.