An Eggcellent Little Helper

I consider myself an experienced and accomplished cook, but I have always struggled to turn out the perfect hard cooked egg. I have researched different methods from adding vinegar to the cooking water to bringing the eggs to a boil, cooking for a set time, removing them from the heat, covering and allowing to rest. Nope. Still ended up with under-cooked yellows or sulphur-y, green-ring-around-the-yolk overcooked blobs.

The nightmare of trying to peel the eggs just added more angst to the entire process. I soaked the cooked eggs in ice water, cracked the shells, rolled them on the table, held them under running water — to no avail. I wound up with mangled eggs, stuck pieces of shell, broken and unusable eggs. My deviled eggs, red beet eggs, and mustard eggs looked hideous. I often just used my disastrous hard cooked eggs for egg salad because the eggs were so awful looking chopping them up was all I could think to do with them.

To add to the frustration, the Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands affected my dexterity to the point getting hold of edges and tiny pieces of eggshell in attempts to peel these evil creatures was nearly impossible at times.

It got so frustrating I either avoided making anything that required whole hard boiled eggs or I bit the bullet and purchased already cooked eggs in a bag from the dairy department in the grocery store (which had little to no flavor in my opinion and are not a very economical answer).

One day I happened across a product on Amazon that caught my eye. It was a little kitchen appliance that cooked eggs by steaming them rather than boiling. Customers seemed to love it. The price was right – less than $20. It was small, would fit in my available kitchen storage space, and there was no hot pan of water for me to deal with when cooking hard boiled eggs. It was the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker. And so, I ordered it and anxiously awaited the day I could finally produce the perfectly cooked hard boiled egg.

Dash Egg Cooker

I’m not big on single use appliances or kitchen gadgets; I find they are not worth the space they take up for the job they do, but this little gem is worth the small amount of cabinet space it consumes and definitely worth the price.

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker comes in a 6 egg or 12 egg model. I bought the 6 egg model as it is just my husband and myself in our household. If I need more than 6 hard cooked eggs, i simply do another batch. However, if you have a larger family or normally hard cook 12 eggs at a time, you might want to consider the deluxe “double-decker” 12 egg model.

Features and Accessories

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is available in several colors; black, white, red, yellow, and teal. It includes a poaching tray, omelet tray, 6 egg holder tray, and water measuring cup. I have only used the cooker to make hard cooked eggs, and in all honesty, probably will never use the poaching or omelet tray. I put these into a small bag and stored them in the back of a kitchen drawer. But they are nice to have, especially if using this egg cooker in a tiny kitchen or dorm room.

How It Works

The egg cooker uses an automatic shut off operated by temperature control. Pour water in the bottom plate of the cooker per the measurement on the water measuring cup for the stage of cooked egg you desire: Pierce the egg with the included piercing tool or place the raw egg in the poaching/omelet tray, place the cover on the cooker and press the button to start. The cooker will shut off as the water cooks away and the plate reaches a set temperature.

Dash Egg Cooker
Piercing the rounded ends of the eggs. I leave the eggs in the carton so I do not have to hold them in my left hand which is twisted from RA.

Any staining on the plate left after cooking can easily be wiped away with a paper towel and some white distilled vinegar. I clean the plate while the unit is still slightly warm, not hot. It looks as bright and shiny now after a gazillion uses as the day I received it.

The unit chimes when the eggs are ready. Since I only make hard cooked ones, my description of the process from here on pertains solely to them. There is a steam hole in the lid and I always face this to the back of the unit when I start cooking the eggs. I find that helps keep very hot steam away from my wrist and arm when I twist the steam lid to remove the eggs when they are done.

What I Do Next

Using a towel to protect my fingers, I lift the egg tray with the hot cooked eggs off of the cooker and place them in a bowl of ice water. While the eggs rest in the ice water 5 to 10 minutes, I clean the plate with vinegar and a towel and dry off the lid and egg cooking ring. The cooker is then ready to put away.

Resting the eggs in an ice bath to stop the cooking.

I take each egg from the ice water, crack it on the pointed end, roll it a bit on the table and start to peel. The eggs peel so easily I sometimes wind up with the shell coming off in one or two pieces. Then I just give the peeled egg a quick rinse in the water to remove any tiny pieces of shell I might have missed and they are ready to use.

In Conclusion

I love it! There was an initial trial and error phase. I followed the directions from the manufacturer, filled the water measuring cup to the marking for hard cooked, took 6 eggs directly from the refrigerator, used the piercing tool to puncture a small hole in the rounded end of the egg and placed them punctured end up in the cooker. At the end of the cycle, I cooled and peeled the eggs, but found that the yolk was not quite cooked as much as I wanted.

I tried it again, this time adding just a little more water for a slightly longer cook time and they were perfect. So, I put a mark on the cup in permanent marker and use this mark every time. I believe the size of the egg you cook (I always hard cook extra-large) and the temperature of the egg you start with (I always start with eggs direct from the fridge) affects the cook time, so your mileage may vary.

The thing that knocks my socks off is no green ring around the yolks and the amazing ease of peeling that this cooker provides every single time I use it!! No more fumbling with shells that refuse to “let go”, no more gouged or broken eggs after peeling, no guessing on timing with eggs cooked on the stove top and no dealing with a pot full of boiling water from the seated position of a power chair.

This is one of the best little appliances I have. I use it constantly, and I have zero regrets on purchasing it. I certainly do enjoy making – and eating – hard cooked eggs now!