Stove Rags or Lokshe

“Stove Rags” are thin “pancakes” made from a dough consisting of mashed potato and flour, rolled thin, then cooked. Think of them as resembling a kind of Slovak/Polish tortilla.

Stove rags are quintessential “peasant food” — no frills, created from a few ingredients, and make good use of left-over items for little to no waste — and there is nothing wrong with that! Being frugal is the nature of us “coalcrackers”. Stove rags take “simple is better” to a whole new realm.

Although today stove rags are cooked on a hot plate or in cast iron skillet, those of us of “a certain generation” will remember that “back in the day” they were often cooked right on the cast iron surface of the kitchen coal stove, hence the name “stove rags”. If you grew up in the Coal Region, chances are your grandma or great-grandma had one of those coal stoves in her kitchen and cooked lokshe on it while the family gathered ’round eating them as quickly as they came off the stove!

You can make stove rags with leftover mashed potatoes or cook up some potatoes, mash and season them using milk/cream, butter, and salt and pepper as you normally would.

Lokshe/stove rags can be enjoyed in a variety of ways; the most popular is to slather them generously with butter then roll them to eat. In addition, some folks sprinkle them with sugar, spread them with jelly or sour cream, or sprinkle with onion or garlic salt, Some cooks like fried cabbage and onion as a topping, others saute some onion in the butter used to brush these with. The options for toppings is varied and entirely up to you.

Stove Rags or Lokshe

Recipe by A Coalcracker in the KitchenCourse: Appetizers, Breads, SidesCuisine: Eastern European, Coal RegionDifficulty: Easy

Made from mashed potatoes and flour, these are kind of like Slovak/Polish tortillas.


  • 1 cup cold mashed potatoes (use left-over mashed potatoes or mash hot boiled potatoes then add milk/cream ,butter, salt to them as you normally would and allow to cool.)

  • 1 cup flour

  • 1/4 tsp salt


  • Mix all ingredients together and shape dough into balls a little larger than a walnut. Roll out dough into circles on a floured board until thin.
  • Brown each in a dry cast iron skillet on medium high, then turn over and brown on the other side.
  • Put on plate, brush with melted butter, stack on a pile until done.
  • Roll up and enjoy. Some additional toppings ideas: a sprinkling of sugar, even more butter, fried cabbage and onion, jelly, sour cream, sprinkling of onion or garlic salt.