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Pierogie Casserole

Pierogies made the traditional way are labor intensive, but oh-so-good.  Try this “lazy pierogy” casserole and get the taste of tradition... 


Inexpensive and hearty! Great warmed up the next day.  Read More →

Hot Bologna

Growing up in the coal region, hot bologna was a staple.   You can make this local treat at home quite easily.  Read More →


These are a staple at church picnics and block parties in the Coal Region. Like potato salad recipes, every body’s is a little different than every... 


Old fashioned Coal region potato candy with peanut butter, very popular at holidays and bake sales.Made with — tah, dah — a boiled potato mixed... 

Barbecue (aka Sloppy Joes)

Known to many as “Sloppy Joes”, this simple, quick, any night sandwich is a winner. Can be made ahead and frozen, too. Add diced green peppers...